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What’s Included

Everything below included in all packages.

  • Granite Countertops
  • In-Use / Vacant Sign
  • Flashing red light if in use
  • AC and Heater
  • Stereo System for whole trailer and in individual stalls
  • Interior Modern Molding
  • Custom Flooring
  • Porcelain Flushing
  • Timed sinks
  • Paper towels, seat covers, soap, air freshener provided
  • Within a 10 mile radius delivery fee is waived

Oval Offices is a full-service luxury restrooms company that isn’t like the rest. No water? We have onboard tanks, no hose, or hook up necessary. No electricity? We have whisper quiet generators. Did you think those were going to be an extra cost? Think again, generators and onboard tank services are free of charge. Our trailers have air conditioning for those hot summer days and a heater for those chilly California evenings.

Want an idea of what you need?

Fill out the quiz below to get a better idea of the suggested trailer size you would need for your next event. This is not a booking, make sure to submit a contact form to book today and add your suggested size in the message field!


How Many People are Attending?

Is there an be an open cocktail bar?

This will indicate the usage of the stalls including usage of tank, lines, and waiting times

Are you concerned about guests waiting in line?

Luxury Restroom Size Suggested is:
Two Stall

2 stall exterior

Three Stall

3 stall exterior

Four Stall

4 stall exterior

Please Call or Email for suggested size

Two stall spa grey

Starting at $900
3 stall with scenery

Three Stall spa grey

Starting at $1,400

4 door

Four Stall  spa grey

Starting at $1,800

Customize your experience

Our brides and customers have loved adding their own touches to spice up their guests experience. Customers have added anything from hygiene products or items to cover parts of the trailer to add their own flare. With lots of counter-space, the opportunities are endless to make the space your own.

Want an attendant to keep the luxury restroom looking as sparkly clean as it arrived? Contact for pricing!